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November 9, 2012

Shanghai Center

Notice To All Residents

 New Premium Laundry Valet Service

Shanghai Centre is pleased to introduce a new premium laundry valet service provider, SpaWash. Residents in Shanghai Centre will enjoy the following exclusive benefits when they sign up for SpaWash?¡¥s Personal Valet Service.

Dedicated English speaking Ambassadors will assist your valet service via phone, SKYPE or text message

  • Initiation fee of 299 RMB is waived
  • Flexible payment options with PayPal, major Credit Cards or Direct Debit
  • Complimentary daily same day service (drop off before 11AM & delivered by 5PM)
  • Free shoe shine and reconditioning with dry cleaning
  • Free garment repairs (except major repairs such as alterations and lining replacements)
  • 30% off major alterations/repairs
  • 30% off home furnishing items
  • Free initiation gifts
  • Half price cleaning on member birthday
  • Half price cleaning on member national day
  • Discounts with partner merchants

To start enjoying the best in personal laundry care please sign up at and go to sign up page or call 139 1812 2844.

Residents signing up by November 30, 2012 will enjoy a bonus offer of 50% discount on their first valet service!

Membership will be activated once residents have completed the application and paid the required 1,000 RMB prepaid spending balance.

Shanghai Centre Management

November 9, 2012

September, 2012

Need a Green Friendly Way to Deal with Hangers?

Did you know that in addition to cleaning unusual items, SPAwash also recycles hangers and dry cleaning garment bags?  

We have an incentive plan to help you remember to send in your extra bags and hangers. Until September 30, return to SPAwash some hangers or bags for recycling and get 10 RMB off on your order.

Be a part of the green effort!

Gather up those hangers and bags and let us take care of the rest!

May, 2012

Below is an email I wrote to a friend yesterday . . .

Your maid brought a black woolen jacket to our office today. It is a black worsted wool Zegna jacket.

From the looks of it, I can tell that it has been washed in water. How can I tell? Well, the fabric has stiffen and not loose and fluffy anymore. From the folds in the collar and the shoulder area, I could tell that the cotton padding and lining inside has shrunk more than the woolen fabric and so there are areas around the shoulder and upper arm area that now won't fit smoothly. When wool shrinks, the fibers lock together tightly, it is caused by the tension applied to yarns and fabrics during construction. The tension is released when the fabric is washed, causing it to shrink back to its natural shape/size. Most cotton fabric shrinkage also occurs this way when washed. Wrinkles and bubbles are cause by uneven shrinkage of the different layers of fabric.

It is shocking, but most so call Dry- cleaners in Shanghai do not dry clean your clothes. They simply wash them in water and hang dry and then press. Why do they do it? You may ask. Well, the answer is simple, it is pure economics. Firstly, dry cleaning is expensive and few smaller shops can afford to invest in an actual "working" machine. Secondly, the electricity, solvent and other costs can be quite high for one complete dry cleaning cycle (about 50 minutes) vs. just washing in water and hanging to air dry. So if your drycleaner tells you it takes 3 days for your clothes to be ready, chances are they are NOT dry cleaning them but washing them and hanging the clothes to air dry (hence the minimum 3 days). As a rule if you were charged less than 20 RMB per item for dry cleaning, the clothes WON'T actually be dry cleaned.
But you may say, "Well, I paid a very high prices, surely, they could dry clean these items and make money." But NO, that is not true, remember you are going through a middle man, the building management or someone who usually take a 30%-50% cut off the top, so the actual amount the Dry cleaner receive may not be so much; not enough to run the dry cleaning machine, even if they have one that actually works. So, you would notice that every dry cleaner shop in Shanghai has one of these machines facing the front door as you walk in. Yes, but have you ever seen these machines in action? That it is actually running? Chances are, NO. 80% of these machines don't even run and the other 20% that work are harder ever used, or may never had their solvent tanks filled.

For now, the only solution for your Zegna jacket is to take it to an expert to try to relax the fabric and lining materials. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary equipment, chemicals and personnel for this here in Shanghai.

It seems like the only possible solution I can have for your jacket is to have it send to Hong Kong where they can have the equipment and expertise to relax the underlying fabric. I am not sure if that is possible but I think it is worth trying. I can do this for you and there is no extra charge involved other than the regular 69 RMB dry cleaning charge. But it will take about 6 weeks. For this nice jacket, I think it is worth a try.


April, 2012

Living in Shanghai Is More Expensive than Living in New York . . .

According to the latest worldwide cost of living survey from The Economist, Shanghai was listed as the more expensive city to live in than New York City.

Maybe you already knew that. But even that is less important than the chemical cost involved in dry cleaning. The dry cleaning business is really not very well developed here in China and many run of the mill chemicals and detergents available in North America and Europe are simply NOT available here in Shanghai.

March, 2012

Free Laundry Movement

SPAwash supports the World Wide Free Laundry Movement (WWFLM). All SPAwash SVC members now enjoy FREE Personal Laundry Service (3kg) with dry cleaning.

All 5 Star Hotel Guests within the inner ring road can enjoy Free Personal Laundry Service (PLS).

Support the Free Laundry Movement, email or call (86 21) 6248-3123, ask for Betty or David!

From David HO, proprietor, SPAwash Super Valet

It started from an idea I had

It all began as a simple but necessary convenience service for my friends and myself. Today it is an entire team of trained and knowledgeable personnel who provide the utmost in top service that is simply expected by our many SVC customers.

Then it just grew and grew

Since our start over eight years ago as a Personal Laundry Service, SPAwash today is the Valet care specialist for many discerning international clientele, including foreign counsels, ambassadors, top CEO's and stylish individuals like you. All our customers desire, deserve, expect and receive the very best. Not just in garment cleaning, but TOTAL valet care. That is why we are the SUPER VALET.

We understand our customers well

SPAwash has a fleet of vehicles that operates 13 hours a day within metropolitan Shanghai offering a full suite of valet services, including our unique Free Personal Laundry Service. Our door-to- door valets are well trained and boast an 85% on time FREE collection and delivery service.

In a Quandary? Call David

We all understand that life as an Expat in Shanghai can be frustrating, and at times, downright stressful. That is why everyone here at SPAwash gives you our pledge that we'll do our very best to be there when you need dependable service. I myself have more than 13 years of working experience in Shanghai and would gladly help answer any questions you may have, business or otherwise. Need to speak to an Old China Hand? Chances are, I can arrange for you to talk to someone who has "been there, done that? I have personally helped many foreign startup companies in finding their way out of the maze. I have enjoyed being able to provide you the unique services of SPAwash, and I'd be honored to assist you in other areas of life, professional or personal, here in Shanghai as well.
David Ho, Proprietor
SPAwash Super Valet

SPAwash loves Coach?Bags.

Handbags can make or break an ensemble, so it's important to protect your investment and keep your handbag pristine and functioning immaculately for years. SPAwash cleans and refurbishes about 50 premium brand bags a month, these bags come in all shapes styles and material. Of all these, our technicians love working on Coach?brands bags the most. The supple leather used in Coach?bags are the best to work with and seem to take abuses and recover like new. If you wear blues or dark color jeans, you will most likely have experience some color from the jeans rubbing off onto the leather material on your purse or bag. Light color bags are especially susceptible to having blue jean dyes rubbing off onto them. This process is called "Crocking?and most cleaners are incapable of dealing with this type of dye transfer. If you have a purse or bag that is a victim of crocking, DO NOT waita€|SEND IT IMMEDIATELY TO SPAwash for an evaluation, professional cleaning and restoration. Visit or call (86 21) 6248-3123, ask for Betty or David. We have the expertise to handle MOST crocking cases!

February, 2012

Exclusive to all New SVC members

As our welcoming gift, your first service with SPAwash will be at 50% discount. Consider it as our thank you gift for joining the SPAwash SVC.

We wish you the best of luck in the Year of the Dragon!

December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

SPAwash is here to help you all throughout the whirlwind of parties and get-togethers this winter. It's business as usual for us, and we'll be open all throughout, except for a short break on New Years' Day (Jan 1), and for Chinese New Year on Jan 22-25. Normal daily operations 7:30AM - 9PM resume on January 26. We at SPAwash wish you all a jolly good time this holiday season!

September 12, 2011

PLS Free Wash Offer

Beginning September 12th 2011, SPAwash PLS , Personal Laundry Service, will be FREE for REGISTERED GUESTS at the following 5 Star and Boutique Hotels:
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel
Le Royal Meridien
Fairmont Peace Hotel
The Westin Bund Center
JW Marriott Hotel Tomorrow Square
Portman Ritz-Carlton
Shanghai Peninsula
Shanghai Hilton
Four Seasons Shanghai
Hyatt On The Bund
JC Mandarin
Langham XinTianDi
Renaissance Yu Garden
The Langham Yangtze
Nikko Hotel
Radisson New World
Hongqiao Hilton.

Pudong Ritz-Carlton Shanghai
Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai
Pudong Kerry Hotel
Pudong Grand Hyatt
Pudong Jumeriah Himilayas Hotel
Pudong Century Park Radisson
Pudong Eton Hotel.

Guests at these hotels can leave their Personal Laundry and Dry Cleaning with the respective hotel concierge and SPAwash will pickuup daily before 11 AM. SPAwash will separate the dark/light colors, wash, tumble dry with softener sheets and professionally iron all your personal clothes.

The service is FREE except for a 39 RMB courier (pickup and delivery) charge.

Please click here for more service details concerning our Same Day Personal Laundry Service.

SPAwash PLS is the ultimate in convenience.

 Call TODAY for a Pickup and Enjoy the Lifestyle you deserve.

Please call 139 1812 2844 or email

Exclusive to all Puriclean customers:

We regret the fact that Ty and his Puriclean partners have decided to quit the garment care business permanently. For all Puriclean customers, if you are trying SPAwash for the first time, just mention Puriclean and you will receive a free gift (logoed cotton laundry bag and coffee mug) plus a 20% discount. Visit or call (86 21) 6248-3123, ask for Betty, Mia or David. SPAwash does fast 24 hour turn-arounds and we have an ENGLISH speaking staff that is ready to help.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lowered Shirt Prices

So we've been told, "Yeah, your SPAwash bulk laundry service is great, but what about my shirts that aren't included?"

Good question, and GOOD NEWS.

We will now do ALL your shirts at half price (50% off) if they are sent in the same time with your SPAwash. This means shirts now only cost 9.50 RMB with your SPAwash bulk personal laundry. A real bargain and real convenience for all.

Again, this is in support of SHANGHAI EXPO 2010 and will end on October 31, 2010.

Call us today at (86) 139 1812 2844 or email

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Laundry care for ECNU International Students

Despite some minor hiccups, our SPAwash Laundry service for the international students at ECNU is now well under way. The students are back from their sojourn to Hong Kong with loads of laundry and we are happy to be there to help them out. Fetina, Sally and everyone will work on polishing up the routine to make sure we are constantly improving on our services to the students. We want every visiting student to leave their laundry blues with SPAwash and have plenty of extra spare time to enjoy/enrich their experiences while in Shanghai.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SPA diary T-24

Beginning now and through October 31 2010, SPAwash will offer half price laundry service to ALL foreign staff working at Expo 2010. This is our way to show support for the City of Shanghai and Expo 2010. Fanny and Patrick are sending out notices to Expo participants to notify them of this special offer. We are very busy but very excited that we are able to do our part to help.

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