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Reload your Super Valet Club Account

Here is the easiest way to reload yourSuper Valet Club credit directly from home.

We now accept PayPal* for your SVC card refill or for payment of services. The payment can be done using a PayPal account or a Credit Card.
For your convenience, we recommend you to use the preset amounts. If you choose to enter a manual amount, please remember that the amount billed to your account will be in US Dollars, so please convert your RMB amounts to US Dollars (6.03 RMB to $1.00 USD) when entering payments.

Set amount refill are (in USD):

Please note that if you have remitted an amount in excess, we can only refund the mistake to you in local (RMB) currency.

*All information you provide to the PayPal payment system is secure and confidential. PayPal ensures its customers' privacy; it won't even share the information with SPAwash. As soon as the payment goes through, we will load the selected amount (converted into RMB) onto your SPAwash SVC account.

If you have a question about this payment feature, please contact us.

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