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Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning process :

  • thorough inspection of all garments
  • pre-treatment of spots and stains (using special cleaning agents)
  • machine's mechanical action to loosen embedded soil (the solvent is filtered and distilled to ensure its clarity)
  • manual pressing of the garments to restore its original shape and appearance
  • quality control inspection and packaging in a protective wrapping

Special Care (Premium) Cleaning

  • Only the most qualified personnel within the Clothes Spa will handle your garment.
  • Your garment will receive individual machine immersion and all stain removal will be done with the utmost attention.
  • Final insection will be performed by our most experienced quality controllers to guarantee that you receive the best possible results.

Shirt and Tie Services

  • Pre wash inspection, grading and treatment, followed by starch finish.
  • Each shirt is inspected and packed to your requirements, with your choice of folded or on hangers.
  • Our Tie Services is of the highest standard.

Suede, Leathers, Waxed Garments
and other Items

  • SPAwash achieve excellent results in cleaning all types of suede, leather and sheepskin clothes including coats, hats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, and motorcycle leathers.
  • We can re-tint colors when necessary.

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