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SPAwash PERSONAL LAUNDRY SERVICE (PLS) is a unique 24 Hour Personal Laundry Service that is the ultimate in convenience.

We are specialists in handling all your laundry and fine washable needs. The moment your clothes are picked up, they will be attended to with tender loving care by our professionals. All your laundry will be sorted, washed, dried, ironed, folded and will arrive back at your abode smelling as fresh as sunshine. SPAwash makes doing your laundry so easy, it almost does itself. Above all, our process is the most environmentally friendly.

Just imagine, no more staying in on weekends just for laundry. Give us a call today and reward yourself with the lifestyle you deserve.

Questions and Answers

I have never used SPAwash before, what do I need to do?

SPAwash couldn't be more simple to use. Just pick up the phone and call (86) 139-1812-2844 for our Laundry Concierge and they will take care of the rest.

I am not in my home during the day, how can I schedule a pickup?

The beauty of the SPAwash system is that there is so many options for scheduling pickups and deliveries. We can pickup/deliver to from your office/home-even pickup at one place and deliver at another, we can schedule service on Saturdays; and we can provide service as early as 7am or as late as 8:30pm. In many cases, you can even leave your laundry in care of your building security.

What exactly can I include in my SPAwash?

We call it a Personal Laundry Service so almost everything that you would normally throw into your home washer, items such as personal underwear, T-shirts, socks, small face towels, polo/golf shirts, walking and exercise/gym shorts, etc. would be included. Not included would be dress shirts, slacks, ladies blouse/dresses and ALL household items. Please call us if you have questions on what can be included.

I have shirts and jeans that I want laundered and pressed; can I include them in as part of SPAwash?

Laundered shirts are treated as individual items and will not be included in the SPAwash plan. This will allow us to return them to you on a hanger. We will clean these individual items separately and in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer unless you specify otherwise. Meaning if a shirt is supposed to be laundered, we will launder, not dry clean, it. All dress shirts are lightly starched and hand pressed to perfection. Jeans cannot be included in SPAwash as they are known to bleed color profusely and therefore must be separated and washed individually.

Do you guarantee next day service?

We do our best to ensure that your orders get delivered back within 24 hours (except Saturdays). In some cases, some of your items may require special treatments/attention and not be ready by the time our drivers leave on their deliveries. We will first return all of the completed items the next day and any missing pieces will be returned when they are ready. Some items such as sheets, pillowcases, hand washed items and other specialty items often require an extra day of processing.

Can you hang dry items?

With SPAwash, unfortunately we do not have the space or time to hang dry items. These items will be separated for regular cleaning as individual items and we will clean them according to the manufacturer's specifications.

If I have a SPAwash order that weighs only 2.5 kilos, plus some dry cleaning; will I be charged the full 89 RMB minimum SPAwash charge?

Yes, the minimum charge of 89 RMB does apply to just your SPAwash. We wash each of our customer's clothing separately and in that, we separate the colors from the whites and wash them in two loads; a third load will be done if there are white socks as they require special treatment. Unfortunately, this is a service that we cannot provide for under 89 RMB, regardless of any dry cleaning that is included with the order. Each Kg over 5 KG is at 39 RMB per additional Kg.

How much does my laundry weigh?

Our average order is 3 to 5 kilos. That is about two weeks worth of dirty laundry. A full hamper is about 8 kilos. If it is overflowing, it's about 13 kilos. If you have a scale at home, you can weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your laundry and the difference is the approximate weight.

I have some special requirements, what do I need to do?

Would you like us NOT to use fabric softer, dry your clothes on low, use bleach or provide other special service? No problem, just let your personal Laundry Concierge know and we'll follow your instructions. We may charge a small fee for some of these services. You can also send us an email if you have a question about a specific request.

I left my laundry with the apartment security, how do I pay for it?

As soon as your order is picked up you will receive an email or sms detailing your items and payment total. If you have a prepaid SVC account, the amount will automatically be deducted from the prepaid balance. Otherwise, you can leave the amount with the building security or pay online via PayPal.

Is my laundry safe?

Absolutely! Once we pickup your laundry, it will be supervised until it is returned to you or your designated person.

Where is SPAwash located?

We are centrally located in Suite 319 Shanghai Centre, 1376 NanJing Xi Lu (near XiKang Lu), in JingAn district. This gives us the advantage of being to be within 20 minutes to most of our expat clients.

What if I am going out of town or have my laundry delivered the next day?

No problem - We understand that many of our clients do travel frequently. If you know that you will not be in Shanghai within 24 hours, we greatly appreciate if you let us know in advance and schedule a later delivery date. When your scheduled delivery date arrives, we will call or sms to confirm this and then deliver the laundry back to you at a suitable time.

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