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Hello Isabelle,

Thank you very much for your service,

Everything was great and I have already recommended services to a friend.

Thanks, Oleg

-- Oleg
Fri, September 26, 2014 5:55 pm

Hi Suki,

While our item had an unexpected extra week delay, my wife was extremely happy with the quality of your teams' work. We are both very satisfied and appreciate the care and attention to detail..

Special thanks to Isabelle -- it'd because of her that we'll keep coming to when we need something special taken care of.


-- Brendan C.
Systems Director, E__ English Centers +861862190xxxx
Sat, June 28, 2014 2:35 pm

Good Morning Isabelle,

Yes, I received my shoes! I am very satisfied with your service and quality!

Thank you for following up, and I will call when I need your services.

Best regards,

-- Ingrid
IFC #2**1

Thanks Isabelle,

You actually did a much better job with the stains than I thought possible. The suit was very well done. I will definitely use your service again. Best,

-- Gary

Thank you great job I work for FedEx as a pilot and will pass on the word what a great job you do traveling around it is nice to get clean clothes to wear hope I can send you so business thanks Tim

Sent from my iPad


Everything is good Isabelle.

Thank you!

-- Lorna P.

Hi David,

Just a quick note to thank you for your amazing service as usual. The pooch bed looks great and my daughter loves it, thank you!

-- Marianna

Hi David,

We really like the Spawash service and quality! Thank you!

-- Mark S
Conn, USA

Hi Isabelle,

Everything received and looks great- thank you!

-- Lorna P
Tue, August 21, 2012 7:56 pm

Hi Isabelle,

Thanks a lot for everything, all looks fine, we just unpacked. I hope the payment was correct and all ok for your side.

We are very impressed with your services - the cleaning, the communication and speed. We liked the Shanghai calling hangers... we saw the movie on the opening day :-)

Compliments also for the bags and the general appearance of the delivery.

The packing of my husbands shirts was really sweet (I like details like the Good morning Sir).

- I never heard of any drycleaning/washing service with a customer service like this! We are again very impressed.

Kind regards!

-- Christel P
Mon, August 20, 2012 7:02 am

Hi Isabelle

It was nice to meet you too! Thank you for coming by my apartment to pick my dry cleaning on such short notice. Much appreciated! Yes I am very satisfied with the SPAwash service and have recommended you all to my friends.

I hope all is well ~!

-- Clements
Friday, May 4, 2012 9:01 AM

Dear Isabelle

Thanks for taking a time to ask for feedback, latest times your services has been excellent, I've noticed improvement in some details, the cover of my blazers, the hangers for my pants for instance.

I hope you keep the level on your service.


Best Regards .

-- E P S
Mon, July 30, 2012 8:42 pm

I'm the guy who usually spends an entire evening looking for a laundromat in a strange city, then giving up and spending the whole night washing the whole load in the sink using one of those tiny bottles of free hotel shampoo. Thankfully I will never again have to do this in Shanghai! Check out For about US$15, these folks will pick up, wash, dry, fold and return to your hotel up to 7lbs of dirty laundry, all within 24hrs! Best of all, they speak fluent English! Totally trustworthy and honest, and one of the best-kept secrets of the ex-pat community in Shanghai. Check them out... they are awesome!

-- TorontoLawyer

Dealing with laundry has been a major point of contention in my relationship. We've bickered for countless hours over who is responsible for laundry, how often to do it and whether or not whites and darks can be washed together- you get the picture. Add to that, the washing machine in our apartment does not have a drying cycle so when it rains for days on end in May; the clothes just sat around fermenting and that was the final straw. My honey convinced me we should make the leap to SPAwash, and I am here to tell that it has CHANGED MY LIFE - for the better. Every two weeks we bag up all our laundry in a big blue bag and leave it with the lobby manager in our apartment. Then I test to SPAwash for the pickup and in 24 hours we get it all back- perfectly done! All wrapped up in pretty clean bundles of laundry joy. As my idol Tina Fey would say, I want to go to there. And you should too.

San Francisco CA USA

I have been a loyal customer of SPAwash for about 2 years now. Seriously, I swear by them. They have done everything from significantly altering dresses to hemming my pants; pressing shirts to dry cleaning my cashmere; it's always done well, and more importantly, done on time.

I have also used their shoe repair service to re-heel the little pointy heels on many of my most favorite pumps. Typically, their repairs last longer than the original heels did the first time they came around. And get this, for many shoes that they are not able to repair in Shanghai, they even send them to their associates in Hong Kong so that the repairs can be done properly, at no extra charge.

The first time I tried SPAwash was when I needed repair done on 4 pairs of my favorite sandals that I had brought over from the US. One pair needed to be completely re-soled and the others needed new heels. A friend had recommended SPAwash and so I decided to try them out. I also had some dry cleaning to be done so I figured I'd just have them pick everything up and see how it goes.

I remember that it was a Friday afternoon that they came to the office and picked everything up. I was so pleasantly surprise when they called on Monday and said that they had everything done and would deliver them back to me the following day. My sandals were packaged in nice tissue paper with a SPAwash logo smartly taped to the front. They not only looked great, they practically looked brand new, so much that I almost didní»t recognize them.

If you are in Shanghai and you need a great shoe valet, I definitely recommend SPAwash- they will not only get the job done but will make you feel that you have brand new shoes again.

-- Joanne
Dallas TX USA

Thank you so much David, i am really surprised that your service is not well appreciated, especially here in Shanghai, where is lacking so much! I will send someone to pick everything up either today or tomorrow. Thanks again and you can count on us as loyal clients from now on!

-- Marianna (and my very appreciative husband Carlo :)

Hi Isabelle,
I have been very pleased with Spawash's service. Just keep up the good work. I will soon be calling, I always have lots cleaned at the end of the season! Thank you.

Home: 8621-5833-xxxx
Mobile: 861381-780-xxxx
Vonage: 9xx-297-xxxx

Excellent. You guys give awesome service. ;-)

-- Howard G.
Apr 26, 2012,

Thank you Isabelle! I am sure you have been told I am a somewhat particular customer. Hopefully that does not translate to mean difficult. :>)
All the Best!

-- Dennis

Thanks Betty. Service was excellent. Thank you for following up

-- Elishia W.

SPAwash has been a shining beacon in my otherwise chaotic expat life. I have been using them mostly for Personal wash and fold services, and it is sooo nice to drop off a big sack of dirty clothes, and pick up an equally big sack of clean, neatly folded clothes just one day later!

Also, whoever is doing my laundry is brutally honest. I left some cash in one of my pockets; it too came back, neatly folded, in a see through baggie; and attached to one of the notes that reminds you to send back the packaging because they are going to recycle it. Good stuff!

-- Alex M.

I'm really happy that I got your services. You indeed have made my life easier. The service is impeccable. Thanks a lot to your whole team!

-- Lucrecia G.

Betty, Very satisfied.

-- -Jim P.
Mobile: +86 186-1610-xxxx
Office: +86 21-2408xxxx

Dear Betty, I'm very satisfy with your service. Nothing to complain about. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards. Cheers!

-- Katrin.

Thanks for taking such good care of my clothing - I was worried about two shirts, but they are PERFECT!!!!!!!! Thanks.

-- Kathy P.
April, 2012

Everything looks great. Thank you. I will be using you SPA Wash again!

-- Jeff B. USA
April, 2012

Dear all, I received my stuff yesterday. Thank you very much, great job!
Could you please send me a FAPIAO by email. Thanks again.

-- Cindy
April, 2012

The service has been excellent so far. Everyone has been very helpful and responsive to my inquiries. The work is also very good. I will continue to use SpaWash!

-- Liliana
April, 2012

Hi David, everything is good. Thank you for your help and the good work. Best Regards

--Elena Netherlands
April, 2012

We have some SPAwash promotional leaflets in our building so I decided to try them out since I get 50% off for being a first time customer!!! SPAwash can be somewhat pricey. But well worth the service! I had my laundry picked up Tues morning after 9:00am. They guarantee that you will get your clothes the next day as long as it was picked up before 12 noon.
I'm thinking oh man, I'm not going to get them until Thursday, which is fine. Later that afternoon, I get a text message on my phone from Betty @ SPAwash saying that my clothes were picked up... and then, Viola, Wednesday, I came back to work and got a text saying that my clothes have arrived!!! They really did managed to get me a 24 hrs turn around on my clothes!! They are truly the best!! Good quality work too!

-- J. Johnson Argentina

I've used SPAwash twice--and I've been really satisfied with the work they did on my shoes both times. The first time, I wanted them to reinforce the toes on the soles and the heel tips on my heels, and the second time, the elastic had gone out of my sling backs (all of them black). Both times I was happy with their work: it was fast, well done, and not too expensive. They even polished them up to boot!
4 star rating

-- Melissa J. Washington, DC

SPAwash is really a great full service valet, the ONLY one I can find in Shanghai. Although they are a bit pricy, but it is worth it in you consider the investments you have made in your wardrobe. They do a great job on men's shirts, getting the collars and cuffs clean and never leaving extra creases, etc. in the shirt.
They also do a great job on cobbling shoes- I've taken in several kinds of repairs and the work is done quickly and cheaply, and usually you can't tell that the shoe was ever damaged when you get it back. And they replace all the laces each time with brand new ones for us.
So, send your clothes and shoes there to be cleaned, you'd be glad you did.
I guarantee it!

-- Susan B.
From Munich

I love this place! I have had some HORRENDOUS experiences with drycleaners close to my apartment in the Jin Qiao area so I went back to my old reliable - one that I had used when I first came to Shanghai 4 year ago: the expat owned and operated SPAwash (formerly ClotheSPA). They have been in business for more than 7 years now and they really know their stuff and take great pride in it - you can't be a crappy service provider serving expats in Shanghai, especially messing around with executive’s suits and expensive designer ladies gowns in this city. Their seamstress is my favorite part- I send in my husband’s pants that had the folds came loose in the cuffs and she fixes them every time. If I need a skirt hemmed or pants taken in, she’ll do them in a day and they always fit flawlessly without any mistakes. They can be a little pricey I guess, but I am super happy with them and their work, they are proud of what they do, good well-established business people. The owner is an American Chinese and knows people when they walk in and calls them by name and they have a great bowl of very good mint candies all the time which makes your visit that much more pleasant. But most of us just use their super valet pickup and delivery service. I give it 4 stars probably because I haven't experienced all their services like shoe repair, but they definitely have a lifelong customer out of me as long as I am staying (stranded) here in Shanghai :)
Thanks again!

-- Henry K.
From USA

Hi Betty,
Just arrived at the hotel, everything looks wonderful, thank you so much. Working with you has been a wonderful experience!
And we will likely be one of a few, if not the only ones with SPAwash coffee mugs in Chicago! Not sure when we will be back but we will let our friends and acquaintances know of your services.
Thanks again!

-- Frank Rossi
Sent from my iPhone
Thu, September 29, 2011 7:18 pm

I travel to Shanghai every other month on business. I usually stay 4-6 weeks and I’m constantly traveling back and forth from Shanghai while in China. Typical laundry at the hotels is very expensive. I don’t have time to worry about going back and forth to a local laundry service. What’s the answer?.Spawash! It’s is the only way to go. They pick up from your hotel and drop off the next day. You can call, text or email them. Prices are reasonable, the service is reliable and the staff is very friendly. The staff can communicate in English which is a huge plus. Jasmine is a real sweetheart to work with and she always takes the time to make sure everything is ok. A real pleasure to work with her and the whole team. No need to worry about laundry in Shanghai when you have Spawash on your team!!

-- George V.
Fri, September 16, 2011

I would recommend SPAwash to anyone who doesn't have a washing machine or who is so busy that there is no time for washing and ironing. SPAwash has certainly made my life of non-stop work easier. I always appreciate the high-quality service, with the clothes being very neatly ironed and folded. . . I feel that the discounts act as an added incentive to use your service. . . Thank you!

-- Nina M.
Fri, September 16, 2011

I always receive "Most Valuable Customer" service when I request service from SPAwash! They are always very quick to answer my calls, and are very prompt with the delivery of my clothes, this is the best service I have ever received! Thank you SPAwash!

-- Steve S.
Fri, September 16, 2011

Dear SPA Wash,
Thank you once more for your professional work and kind service.

I received all my clothes in good form and appreciated the indication marks on the unremovable stains.

Please do let me know how I may recharge my card. In case, I may come down the shop during the weekend. Thank you again.

Best Regards.

-- Luca F. (member no. 3026-)
Thu, September 15, 2011

Hello Mia,
First off, you did a fantastic job with my clothes! This is why I came back to SpaWash, I'm always impressed by your service.

Secondly, I have some more clothes for pick-up. Is it possible to come by my hotel tomorrow to pick them up? I hope its not too late. Thank you.

-- Dan R.
Thu, September 15, 2011

Hi Betty,
Thanks for the great service, I got all my stuff back yesterday and was very pleased :o) I have recommended you to all my colleagues.

Please can you send me a scan of the receipt or fax it to me, I couldn’t find it in the bags (I am not very good with receipts as you now know!). Thanks again and until next time.

-- Edward M.
31. August 2011

SPAwash made my time in Shanghai a little more 'wearable'. It is often impossible to hand-wash your laundry in typical Asian hotel rooms...and thanks to Shanghai's SPAwash, I didn't have to. The friendly and English speaking service provided all the information I needed over the phone...the amazingly quick and convenient pick-up/drop-off feature was literally a lifesaver. Not only did my clothes return to me fresh and clean, also they were folded much more neatly than I had placed them in my luggage. No more drip-drying t-shirts in the hotel bathroom for me. It's ClotheSPA every time I visit

-- Allen Wildes

SPAwash provides professional and courteous service. My clothes came back nice and clean and it was an easy choice for to continue to use their service. I would recommend their service to everyone. They are always on time and stick to their promises.

-- Raoul Hendriks

Having lived in Shanghai for over 4 years now, it still surprises me that it continues to be so difficult to find quality providers for the most simple products and services. My husband and I have experienced our fair share of dealing with poor quality laundry and dry cleaning service companies and after so many broken and lost buttons and sweaters ruined, we are so relieved to finally have found myspawash! They have continued to provide quality service that is reliable and consistent. Their attention to detail is amazing (even beyond the standards that we're used to in the states!). Thanks again myspawash and please do keep up the good work!

-- Kathy Block, USA
Co-Owner, Love Box Self Storage

I was in shanghai 2 weeks ago with my show and I used your service, as did many friends with my show. I wanted to say Thank you, and how nice it was and convenient. It makes life on the road (I am a performer) happy when we can find a nice service like yours. I know I will recommend your service for any of my friends who are on shows who are in shanghai!! Thank you again.

-- Rich Jagodzinski

We will be sure to tell our friends what a great service you have in case any of them need it during the rest of our stay.

-- Sara Forrester
A Hotel Customer from USA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. It has been so nice to have our dry-cleaning picked up and delivered, and always cleaned perfectly. You're always on time, you communicate very well, and you're extremely professional. I would recommend you to anyone.

-- Daria Petrone

I travel to Shanghai extensively on business and I usually stay in long-term service apartments. The laundry service in the apartments is ridiculously expensive but trying to find a dry cleaners nearby and carrying my clothes back and forth is not an option. Clothespa has solved this problem for me and I recommend their service to all expats in Shanghai. They always deliver on time. They follow up with SMS and phone calls and their prices are affordable. Also, I can pay via Paypal which is a huge plus for me. Finally, the staff is great and very helpful.

-- Arman Zand
Shanghai Traveler

SPAwash is a professionally run business that will go to great lengths to accommodate your needs. I have been using Sophia Clothes Spa over the past year and their Service, Friendship and Attention to detail has made my experience a real joy, would recommend using them over anyone else because they are the best!

-- Karen Ellis U.S.A.
Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.

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